Classical Conditioning in my life

How classical Conditioning Affects me.

When I was younger, my family would spend the summer at a campsite. We had a trailer and boat and spent a lot of time at the trailer park. We had a large playground in the middle of the park we all the kids could go to play. It was here that I became petrified of bees. Prior to getting stung, I was fine with bees. Being at the park all the time with the lilac trees, flowers and sweat foods that people packed and had at the park all the time, I was no stranger to the critters that constantly buzzed around us. Getting in our drinks, landing on our food and in the gardens. For me that’s the Unconditioned Stimulus. I had no prior reaction to bees other then annoyance when they got around our food.

While playing in the park with my sister one day I was going down the big slide. Sliding down I had my hands resting on the edge of the slide to help keep my balance. By doing this my hand passed over a bee that had landed on the slide.  I got stung on the palm of my hand. Instantly started screaming and crying. My gramma tells me the whole park heard and possible the neighbouring ones as well. Instant reaction on my grandparent’s part though, and it wasn’t long before they were trying to figure out what had happened. For me the Unconditioned Response was the reactions of fear and pain as crying. Crying is a natural bodily response that is not a learned or taught behaviour.

Bees have become a conditioned stimulus in my life. I associate them with pain and instantly respond to that. Its not the same response as it was when I first got stung. I do not break into tears every time a Bee is in my personal space. However, I do get tense, short of breath and usually jump away and if at home go inside until the bee is gone. That feeling of fear is now a Conditioned Response.


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