Operant Conditioning


Operant Conditioning

Operant Conditions in a away of behavioural learning that is influenced by to types of concepts. Reinforcement and punishment.  Learning by operant conditioning is a process that is directed towards teaching someone to act or respond to a certain situation and guiding them to the desired behavioural response. Operant conditioning is a way in which we learn though consequences and rewards. We either have something pleasant or negative added to the situation in order to get the desired response from the person the lesion is directed towards.

We have all been influenced by Operant conditioning. This form of learning is a voluntary and thought out response in accordance to the consequences of the behaviour. We learn and respond by actively choosing to do something based on the results that we will get out of it.

We seek out approval socially and academically. Positive praise and encouragement would be considered a positive reinforcement that encourages the continuation of a certain behaviour. In other cases, negative reinforcement or punishments are used, most notably by parents and teachers to deter certain behaviour and put a stop to something they find undesirable.

The scheduling and timing of receiving the award or punishment also have a factor in operant conditioning.




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