Sleep Deprivation and its affects


Lack of sleep has in impact on how you feel emotionally and physically.

If you do not get enough sleep, you are more then likely going to feel tired and irritable and less likely to care about your overall wellbeing and health. You have less motivation and energy. Even if you know that you should do something to kick you body into gear, a quick meal high in sugar and less nutritional value is sought out instead of taking the time to prepare anything properly. I go the cereal, granola bar or skip breakfast entirely. Lunch tends to be a pizza slice and pop. Dinner I think is the only meal that is ever a proper meal for me when I’m over tire and that is only because I live with my grandparents and Gramma has supper made by time I get home.

The lack of nutrients on grabbing quick and high in sugar does nothing to help in the long run. It does serve to keep you going, but the crash and add feeling of exhaustion if you don’t continue with the intake adds to the stress on you body. Also, adding to the chance that you will be restless or unable to fall asleep depending on when you had sugar or caffeine. Again, keeping with a cycle of interrupted sleep.

Health impacts because of the lack of sleep and decent food ensures that your body is going to eventually react. Mine did, with those two weeks of going to bed late, getting up early and not eating properly my body eventually decided enough is a enough and crashed. I ended up getting sick and it took me another week to get over it.

Sleep deprivation also affects your emotional stability and becomes a cause of irritability, quicker to anger, and easily frustrated.

This became readily apparent at work and at school. I was easily distracted, more fidgety and unable to focus entirely on my readings or lessons. At work, I was quickly frustrated when something didn’t work out properly or as easily as it should have. I work at a grocery store and I have to deal with talking to people and answering questions smoothly and polity. When I am over tired my bearing and tone change and it becomes more apparent to the customers and coworkers. When your overtired your quicker to respond negatively to something, and in a professional setting it can be very detrimental.


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