Steps and Improvements to avoid getting sleep deprived

Steps and improvements on how to avoid getting sleep deprived.

There are a few factors that affect how you sleep. Health and exercise, time management, and setting up a structured routine.

There are ways to try and prevent getting sleep deprived. And for me it comes down to time management and routine. There are always going to be nights here and there that are interrupted or not long enough for a proper night of sleep. Just last night I had to break up a cat fight twice because my lovely animals decided that midnight and 2 am are the perfect play times. They certainly do not help with keeping with routine. However, I have I few things that I am now trying to do on a daily basis.

A few months ago, I decided that I was going to test out the theory that electronic in the bedroom affect your sleep. For this was true. I used to have my games and TV in my bedroom. I had easy access to my tv and tended to stay up later because of it. By removing those items from my bedroom, I was able to associate my room as just my own personal, quiet room where I sleep. Activities, crafts, socializing and the TV were all removed from my bedroom setting. I found that I could sleep better and I was less distracted before bed.

In part I have kept my sleeping routine of getting up early and going to bed early. Time management is going to be a factor in the future with my school work and I am going to have to try and get batter at that. Something to work towards. I take an hour every night before I head to bed to read, just for myself. It’s a quiet calming activity and I avoid my text readings and school work for that hour.

Food and exercise are another factor that I have taken into consideration. I do not exercise though going with my grandmother for a walk a couple of times a week is starting to become part of the routine. Food though is something I have taken a little bit more control over. I never used to eat breakfast. Now I’ve got myself no longer grabbing a bowl of cereal the odd time to having a large smoothie on the way to school or to work daily. Taking ten minutes to pack a healthier lunch instead of buying fast food at school or at work has also become part of the routine.

I am more consciously aware of these steps that help with your overall health and the ability that routine and health go hand in hand when it comes to how well you sleep.



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